Travel Tips For Visitors To Uganda

Uganda lies at the equator so its climate tends to be warm all year round with an average temperature of 23 C and 26 C. However, there are two rainy seasons within the year from mid- September to November and March to May.
Best time to Visit.
Uganda can generally be visited all year round. However, during the rainy season some activities like gorilla trekking and mountain climbing become more difficult.

Health and Inoculations.
It is generally advised that you be in good physical condition before embarking on any trip; especially if you will be engaging in some strenuous activities like gorilla trekking. The heat and long hours on dirt roads will also put some strain on the body. You are also required to produce proof of yellow fever vaccinations to enter any East African country. Uganda also requires immunization against cholera. It is also advised to take malaria prophylaxis before leaving your home country. Travelers health care within Uganda, including teatment of injuries & sickness whilst here can be provided by The Surgery travelers clinic in Kampala.
While in the country it is advised to drink bottled water instead of tap water.

What to Wear.
Because of the warm climate, it is advised that you pack light clothes that can be easily washed. You can also pack a sun hat, sun glasses and a waterproof jacket.
One should also pack one or two light sweaters to cater for the cooler night temperatures. For those tourists who intend to go gorilla trekking or mountain climbing, you will be exposed to colder temperatures and you should pack accordingly.

What to Carry.
For those embarking on Savannah Safaris binoculars will greatly enhance your experience during the game drives. For photographers wishing to take some scenic pictures or pictures of wildlife, zoom lens cameras should be carried. However, remember to pack light. Excess luggage will only weigh you down.

Passports and Visas.
You will require a valid passport to travel. It is advised that it should be valid for a minimum of six months AFTER the planned termination of your trip. You should also make sure that you have the appropriate visas for the countries you intend to visit. It is possible to purchase a visa at arrival at Entebbe International Airport or at any of our overland border crossings. If you intend to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda you will need a multi- entry visa to return to Uganda which can also be purchased at the border.

The Uganda Shilling is the unit of currency in Uganda. Tourists can easily change their US dollars, Euros or Pound Sterling at any local bank or Forex bureau in town. One can also draw Uganda shillings against any major credit card (e.g. Visa) from any ATM in Kampala. Travelers’ cheques, however, are not widely accepted outside the capital.

Uganda’s official language is English which is the language of instruction in schools. Therefore, within the capital and at most of the tourist stops, you will be able to communicate in English. However, because Uganda has a total of 56 tribes, each with its own dialect, our tour guides will be able to act as translator when the need arises. Swahili language is also generally spoken

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