Rwenzori Mountain Expedition


Also named “Mountains of the Moon” by Ptolemy, the Alexandrine geographer in AD 150, who originally thought this was the source of the Nile mainly due to it being the first snowcapped mountain range seen deep in the heart of Africa. Over the centuries, this myth faded until in 1889 Henry Stanley confirmed its existence and mapped it by its local name “Rwenjura” meaning rain maker. It rises about 4000m from the Albertine Rift valley and is the highest Mountain Range in East Africa. It was formed over 3 million years ago. The range is about 120 km (75 m) long and 65 km (40 m) wide. It consists of six massifs separated by deep gorges: Mount Stanley (5,109m), Mount Speke (4,890m), Mount Baker (4,843m), Mount Emin (4,798m), Mount Gessi(4,715m) and Mount Luigi di savoia (4,627m). Mount Stanley is the largest and has several subsidiary summits, with Margherita Peak being the highest point. The rock is metamorphic, and the mountains are believed to have been tilted and squeezed upwards by plate movement. They are in an extremely humid area, and frequently enveloped in clouds.
The Ruwenzori are known for their vegetation ranging from tropical rainforest through alpine meadows to snow; and for their animal population, including forest elephants several primate species like the white colubus and blue monkey and many endemic birds. The range supports its own species and varieties of Giant groundsel and Giant Lobellia and even has a six metre high heather covered in moss that lives on one of its peaks.

It is bisected by the Uganda Congo Border which passes through Mt.Stanley.
To get there you travel from Kampala by road for 375-450km, depending on the route used.
Age Safaris would like to offer you the options below for your mountain trekking;
Option one: Eight day trek to Mount Baker
This trek takes you to the top of Mount baker, about 4800m high, where you will have an excellent view of the Margherita and Alexandra peaks, a truly amazing experience. This trek is relatively easy and possible for anyone with reasonable fitness and a head for heights.
Day 1 : Pick up from the airport and transfer to Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort, in Kampala
Day 2 : Early breakfast and departure to Fort Portal. Overnight in Fort Portal
Days 3-10 : Your trek
Day 10 : Return to Fort Portal
Day 11 : Leave Fort Portal for Kampala- Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort.
Day 12 : Transfer to the airport

Option two: Three day trek

This will take you up approximately 3200m. You will climb up through the pristine rainforest of the Munyamubuli valleyand then up a steep ridge through tunnel like paths to Kalalama camp (3,134m). The magnificent view from here is of cliffs towering above and you can also see Kasese town (2,160 metres) below. The 2 nd day of your trek will take you half way up the Mutinda to a small rock shelter called chengora Rock Shelter. From this point, you shall see the waterfalls and high altitude flora. Enjoy a hearty lunch here before returning to Kalalama for the night. The third day you descend back to the Rangers post and out.

Day 1: Pick up from the airport and transfer to Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort. Brief from Staff of A.G.E Safaris

Day 2 : Breakfast and early departure for Fort Portal

Day 3-5 : Your trek

Day 5 : Overnight in Fort Portal

Day 6 : Leave Fort Portal for Kampala- Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort.

P.S. You can incorporate a visit to Queen Elizabeth national Park in this safari. Inquire about costs of doing this from us.

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